06 février 2013

Petrified Wood UK

Petrified Wood Uk Petrified Wood UK for sale from IndoGemstone.com  The rough stone material that we use to make these tiles from is Petrified Wood fossil tree logs and stumps. These fossilized tree remnants are over 25 million years old. The fossils stones are excavated from a remote location on an island in Indonesia. This Petrified Wood fossil was once part of a thriving ancient tropical hardwood forest. The hardwood forest had been buried by a volcanic eruption millions of years ago and all the tree's became fossilized... [Lire la suite]

01 mai 2012

Petrified Wood

  Petrified Wood IndoGemstone.com Wholesale manufacturer of Polished Petrified Wood, Acacia Wood Slab Dining Tables, Monkey Pod Wood Furniture, Decorative Jungle Vine supplier and Lava Stone Tiles. We are working with homeowners, interior designers and manufacturers to create some of the most beautiful and affordable custom made homes, villas, hotels and gardens in the world. Polished Petrified Wood Stools, Fossil Wood Tables, slabs, tile, stumps, sinks, bowls made from fossilized tree stones that are over 25 million... [Lire la suite]
04 novembre 2011

Petrified Wood Coffee Table

Petrified Wood Coffee Table for sale from IndoGemstone.com indogemstone@gmail.com
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